The safest and most convenient ways to transfer money in today's digital world.

After the covid-19 many people are living far from their houses and family, so they want to transfer their money the ways we conduct financial transactions have evolved. Fintech, or financial technology, has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering consumers new and innovative ways to transfer money quickly and conveniently. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the safest and most convenient ways to transfer money in today's digital world, focusing solely on fintech solutions.

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment apps, such as Paytm, Phone-Pay, and google pay, have become a popular way to transfer money digitally. They allow users to transfer funds quickly and conveniently using their mobile devices, without the need for cash or checks. You can send money to family and friends without incurring any fees in just a second without facing a problem.


Payveda Money Transfer System


In today's fast-paced world, money transfer services have become an essential part of our lives. Whether it's to send money to a family member, pay bills, we all need a reliable and trustworthy money transfer service. That's where Payveda comes in. Payveda is a trusted brand in the money transfer services industry that provides its customers with the best service and convenience.

Payveda is a digital payment solution that offers various services such as money transfer, bill payment, AePs, Ticket Booking, and Recharge. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, and Retailers, distributors, and White Label can easily use the platform to make payments or transfer money from the comfort of their shops by mobile. The best part about Payveda is that it provides its services at competitive rates, which makes it an affordable option for its customers and also gives a high rate of commission to their retailer.

One of the reasons why Payveda has become a trusted brand in the money transfer services industry is its commitment to safety and security. The company uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that all transactions are secure and protected that’s why you can make all your transaction hassle-free. Payveda also has a team of experts who monitor all transactions to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity. The company has a 24/7 customer support team that is always available to assist customers with any issues or concerns they may have. Payveda's customer support team is knowledgeable and friendly, and they work hard to ensure that all customer inquiries are resolved promptly.

Benefits and Advantages of Registering AEPS Service at Payveda India?

Become a Payveda AEPS retailer and generate lots of commission per day. There are lots of person register day by day on our platform. Don't worry too much to think about AEPS agent registration is free or not because there are more advantages to Aadhar enabled payment systems than make your life perfect. Once your AEPS registration is complete, you can take advantage of the advantages indicated for AEPS service provider companies below:

Payveda AEPS service software is very simple and easy to use.

We gives you instant service activation

In our platform instant Pay-Out facility are available in AEPS service.

There is minimum change to face a failure transection.

High rate of commission, great chance to earn high income.

Very fast and secure transection done by payveda AEPS software.

What is an m-ATM?

A million Business Correspondents (BC) are expected to use micro ATMs to provide basic banking services. Micro ATMs (m-ATMs) are small, portable machines that allow users to withdraw money from their bank accounts. Similar to a bank ATM. m-ATM services are used for balance inquiries and cash withdrawals.

The micro platform will enable operation, by connecting low-cost machines (micro ATMs) to banks across the nation.  This would allow someone to instantly deposit or withdraw money from any bank that is affiliated with a certain Business Correspondents account. Micro ATMs will support the following basic transaction types: deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, and balance inquiries.

Features of m-ATM:

  1. m-ATM provide fast and secure transaction.
  2. It is very easy to use
  3. Save maximum time.
  4. Work very fast according to going bank branch and ATM.
  5. Portable.
Domestic Money Transfer vs Digital Payment

  Domestic Money Transfer:

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is simplest way to transfer money in your account to another account without going your bank branch just in a single click. Due to people's increasing need for banking and financial services in the digital world, domestic money transfer (DMT) has become a necessary service. DMT is a best service to provide cash to bank who need. This service is offered by a fintech company's business correspondent (Agent/retailers).


  Digital Payment

Digital payments are transactions that happen online or through other digital platforms without a physical exchange of money. This shows that both the person who pay the money payee and the payee exchange money through electronic. When value is transferred from one payment account to another via a digital device such a smartphone, computer, credit, debit, or prepaid card, it is frequently referred to as an electronic payment (e-payment).


 Which is Better Option to Pay & Safe Platform.

  1. Both platform are done safe transactions.
  2. Both platform have balance check option.
  3. People use maximum online payment applications like (Phone Pay, Google Pay, & Paytm) according to DMT.
  4. DMT have not maximum option to compare this online platform.
  5. DMT use retailer/agent for the people who don’t know how to pay online but online payment use by all users who have smart phone.
  6. DMT money transfer done by professional person but online money transfer app use any one who know to use of smart phone. 
How Payveda Retailer Create High Level of Income?

In this present time our generation choose all his work digital. Digital work have lots of profit include saving maximum time. There is a small child is also know how to use smartphone, YouTube, and know about how to play mobile games.

In India there are many area who don’t have maximum digital services and many people don’t know about, how they can use. Payveda help to all this cities and people to do work online without facing issue. We help all type of people without any bank facility.

Payveda offer to the person who know to use this service. You can register on payveda website and gives them this service without facing any issue and earn high amount of commission. Payveda gives many services related bank in your area. On payveda platform people create their account and earn high commission per day. Payveda registered retailer provide the service list are:

  1. AEPS Services
  2. Money Transfer
  3. Air Ticket booking
  4. Rail ticket booking
  5. Bus Ticket booking
  6. Bill Payment
  7. Mobile Recharge
  8. DTH recharge
  9. Open Digital Bank Account

In return, the retailer gets a high percentage of the commission for the transactions made. In addition to that, a Payveda retailer also gets the following benefits are.

• Provide instant service

• Opportunity to earn up to maximum amount every month

• Instantly credited margins in his bank account

• 24×7 Pay-out facilities available

Payveda retailer does his all this work by siting your shop. This shop available nearby your area. We gives perfect work and fast, safe and secure transaction.

Start Your Business With Minimum Investment with The Help of PayVEDA

In the pandemic time agencies closed their doorways in March of 2020, it turned into uncertain simply how lengthy those doorways might stay closed. Small agencies determined themselves going through a daunting and difficult time, having to pivot and modify to the always converting landscape. In many cases, however, this pause in time allowed a few to mirror on their profession desires or even triggered them to release their very own agencies. At the time of pandemic the Digital work is growing, Digital marketing create a hug amount of profit after the pandemic. The world transfer a full of business in digital. Payveda help the person to start a business with minimum budget. In India there is a lots of business are start per day but some business are running continue. Payveda is a trusted platform to grow your business. Payveda gives you a fintech business start-Up idea there are 100% surety of rowing you and you income. You can start fintech work with normal amount by sitting at your home. No need to open a high quality of office and no need to invest high amount in your work. There are a lots of work you can do only with your smart phone or laptop. The work payveda provide are:

1. Aadhar Enable Payment System (AePS):

Aadhar Enabled Payment System (aeps) is most growing business in this time. After covid-19 Bank, Offices and many more places are not allow lots of people in his office.  Many people are suffer for making long queue outside the offices, but there is a great option which save your maximum time and there are not to stand a long queue after going to the bank and other offices. With the help of AEPS the person can transfer his money to anyone, Withdraw money and check mini bank statement by just in a single click.

You can start this AEPS service retailer and do this work for the person who need and earn a high level of commission. This work help to grow your business and stander of living. Here you don’t need any high level of investment. You just register on payveda portal and start your work after the simple step registration. There are lots of person who register per day on our platform, payveda help 1000 plus merchant to earn high level of commission.

2. Domestic Money Transfer (DMT):

In the previous line we already says there are lots of people suffer to going bank branches and making long queue. In this present day we need money at any time and also many people are working in other city and they want to send money to his family and loves one. DMT help to people send their money all over India by just going our retailer shop nearby his area. They can send your money buy just in a single click and save your time. Here you don’t need to make a long queue because there are a lots of payveda retailer in your area. Payveda is a trusted company and we can transfer your money fast and fully secure platform.

3. Bill Payment:

Don’t need to go on Electricity office, water office, gas agency, and many other places to paying your bill offline. Payveda retailer help to pay your all type of bill with in a minutes. Juts you need to go nearest payveda retailer shop they will pay your all type of bill. Online bill payment is save your maximum time and money. In this time online payment is a better option according to paying your bill offline by going the office. 

3. Book Ticket Online:

There is great opportunity you can book your travel ticket (Air Ticket, Bus Ticket and Rail Ticket) on payveda portal by going to payveda retailer shop. He can book instant ticket for your and there is a lots of great benefits for you like, easy cancelation, instant refund, check train status and many more.