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Life Insurance

life insurance

Life insurance is defined as a legally binding contract between an insurance provider and a policy proprietor, where the insurer promises to pay a sum of money to the beneficiary when the insured person die in exchange for the premium paid. Life Insurance protects the future of your loved ones (mom, dad wife and children) by paying a lump sum amount referred to as death benefit if any unfortunate event occurs. Its helps to avoid any financial difficulties for the family after loss of the family member. Buying a policy quickly is recommended as premium amounts are rising this year. Payveda offers life insurance policies at affordable rates.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Health Insurance


Health insurance is a type of insurance that help to cover the cost of medical care. It offers financial support for various medical services such as hospital, surgeries, doctor, and other necessary medical treatment. With health insurance, people can save themselves and their family of a broad range of medical services and financial burden of expensive medical care. In India, health insurance is provided by private insurance companies, and individuals and families can purchase health insurance plans through their employer or on the open market, such as PayVEDA agent in their locality.

Vehicle Insurance


Vehicle insurance includes many vehicles such as autos, cars, trucks, and bikes that provide protection for all your vehicles. It covers some potential losses, such as damage, theft, and accident. Motor insurance is required by law in most countries, and it can help to protect individuals and families from the high cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle. It is very important for us because it provides financial protection to car owners and car both of them. If you have vehicle insurance then you can run your motor car or bike freely.


Life Insurance

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