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Why are you searching banks and making a long queue when payveda retailers are available in your area. save your time and do all the banking work in our retail shop.

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In this modern era having a digital bank account will make your life easy and convenient Digital saving bank account help to save your while transferring money, withdrawal and checking bank statement. This make your life simple and easy.  Open Digital Savings Account instantly with ease and stress-free experience with PayVEDA in Axis Bank Digital Saving Account. Digital saving account saves maximum time, less paperwork, and secured way for opening an account on a digital platform.

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Open Bank Account

Money Transfer

In current scenario requirement of money is necessary and need of transferring money can arise at anytime. Many time the banks are close and need of transferring money arise so that’s time and all time transferring money is easy by payveda merchant store. Payveda gives benefit to send money instantly beyond banking hour to anyone who need the money. You can transfer money within 10 sec to anywhere in India. Payveda is a trusted and highly secured server to transfer money. The customer can pay your transfer amount to payveda retailer by any mode he received.


The Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS) is a platform for direct cash transfer beneficiaries. With the help of the Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service (AEPS), customers can quickly withdraw, deposit, and transfer cash as well as access bank statements online by using their Aadhaar data and biometric authentication rather than their signature or debit card information without visiting to a bank branch. Payveda help to provide this service next door to you, you can visit our nearest payveda store and check your statement , withdraw cash and transfer money to your love one by simple method at any time. Payveda gives you all secure transaction and hassle-free transfer facility.

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