The Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a system where you can transfer your money, withdraw cash, and balance inquiries. With our AEPS app, customers can quickly use our all aeps service in just one minute by using their Aadhar data and biometric authentication. Payveda is an AEPS service provider company that offers hassle-free AEPS transactions through its portal. Payveda offers you free online aeps registration you can register here online and become a Payveda agent and earn a high rate of commission.


Become a Retailer and Earn upto Rs.1 Lakh per month.

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Cash Withdrawal - Payveda

Open Bank Account

Open Bank Account

Say goodbye to paperwork and save time with PayVEDA's Axis Bank Digital Savings Account. In this online world, you can experience the convenience and ease of digital banking with a digital saving account. With the help of a digital account, you can save time and you can use transferring money, check bank statements, and withdrawals are made hassle-free. Payveda digital saving account ensures maximum security for your transection. Digital saving account saves maximum time, less paperwork, and secured way for opening an account on a digital platform. Start your digital journey today.

Cash Withdrawal - Payveda

Money Transfer


In this current time, the need for money can rise anytime, and transferring money fast and securely is crucial. However, payveda merchant store gives your fast and secure online money transfer service nearby your area. Now with payveda you can transfer your money to your family and anyone who need it, even beyond banking hours. Payveda gives you a super-fast transfer service, so you can transfer your money within just a few seconds. Payveda is a trusted and highly secured server to transfer money. The customer can pay your transfer amount to Payveda retailer by any mode he received.

Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS) services are:

  • You can deposit your cash without going any bank
  • Easy cash withdrawal
  • Transfer money anywhere in India
  • Check mini statement
  • eKYC

Key Features of Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS):

  1. Instant work process.
  2. Making safe & secure transection
  3. Easy withdraw cash, avoid long ques of ATM and any bank branch
  4. While making transaction, no need to give any debit card details and signature.
  5. Withdraw cash, check mini statement, money transfer and deposit money in bank.

Benefits of Starting Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS) Business:

  1. Save your valuable time
  2. Start with minimum investment
  3. Earn instant commission on every transaction
  4. Increase your customer list by giving them additional services.
  5. Don’t need high setup, work completely using your smart phone.

Why Payveda?

Real Time Settlement:

AEPS agents and Distributors get instant and real time settlement on every transaction.

Business Setup:

Ease of doing the AEPS business setup with us, we will help you every step of the way.

Service Workforce:

Trained and experienced service workforce to help your AEPS business flourish.


Save time by conducting transactions through Payveda Web Portal or Mobile Application.

Seamless Process:

Seamless process designed to reduce transaction time and effort using Payveda portal.

Zero Downtime:

Multiple banks integrated in the back end to ensure service is always up and running.

Aeps Activation Process - Payveda

Activation Process

Any new or existing business partner can do AEPS free portal registration with a simple documentation process. All you need to do is to submit your PAN Card and Aadhar Card and fill the Aadhar Enable Payment System / Aeps registration form. Earn a handsome income on every transaction!

Things required to start AEPS Business?

  • Smart Phone or Computer with an active internet connection
  • Biometric Device