Pan IssuanceIn India, every person is mandatory to have a PAN Card (Personal Identification Number), as it is considered valid identity proof by the government. Pan cards help while paying income tax, government work, and other utilities as well. At Payveda, we offer you to create your own Pan in just one minute by going to Payveda retailers' stores nearby your area. With our platform, you can not only access multiple services but also register and earn maximum income per day.


Become a Retailer and Earn upto Rs.1 Lakh per month.

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Generate New Pan Card With Payveda

As per the government rule, it is mandatory to have a pan card for all Indian citizens. This helps you many times in government work also this is linked with your Aadhar card and many things. If you don’t have this then you cannot take all government benefits. Go to the Payveda retailers shop near your house and generate a new pan card and link it with your Aadhar also. Payveda is a fully secure trusted and authorized platform where you can apply for your pan card and this full process will take place very fast & stressful free for your customers. 


Uses of Pan Card

Pan card is an identification card which provides some information and show legality about yourself. Some more features of pan card are:

  1. You can use pan card for applying for any new bank account.
  2. You can use pan card for applying credit/debit card.
  3. It helps in filling income tax return.
  4. It helps in buying Foreign Currency.
  5. Pan card is also used for Investing and Purchasing RBI Bonds or Insurances.

Payveda PAN Card

We as PayVeda provide you service of registering your PAN online, through simple click you can get your PAN at your home. Just provide basic information and o our site and make the payment, within few working days you will get your PAN.

Why Payveda?

Real Time Settlement:

AEPS agents and Distributors get instant and real time settlement on every transaction.

Business Setup:

Ease of doing the AEPS business setup with us, we will help you every step of the way.

Service Workforce:

Trained and experienced service workforce to help your AEPS business flourish.


Save time by conducting transactions through Payveda Web Portal or Mobile Application.

Seamless Process:

Seamless process designed to reduce transaction time and effort using Payveda portal.

Zero Downtime:

Multiple banks integrated in the back end to ensure service is always up and running.

Aeps Activation Process - Payveda

Activation Process

Any new or existing business partner can do AEPS free portal registration with a simple documentation process. All you need to do is to submit your PAN Card and Aadhar Card and fill the Aadhar Enable Payment System / Aeps registration form. Earn a handsome income on every transaction!

Things required to start AEPS Business?

  • Smart Phone or Computer with an active internet connection
  • Biometric Device