Domestic Money Transfer vs Digital Payment

Domestic Money Transfer vs Digital Payment

  Domestic Money Transfer:

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is simplest way to transfer money in your account to another account without going your bank branch just in a single click. Due to people's increasing need for banking and financial services in the digital world, domestic money transfer (DMT) has become a necessary service. DMT is a best service to provide cash to bank who need. This service is offered by a fintech company's business correspondent (Agent/retailers).


  Digital Payment

Digital payments are transactions that happen online or through other digital platforms without a physical exchange of money. This shows that both the person who pay the money payee and the payee exchange money through electronic. When value is transferred from one payment account to another via a digital device such a smartphone, computer, credit, debit, or prepaid card, it is frequently referred to as an electronic payment (e-payment).


 Which is Better Option to Pay & Safe Platform.

  1. Both platform are done safe transactions.
  2. Both platform have balance check option.
  3. People use maximum online payment applications like (Phone Pay, Google Pay, & Paytm) according to DMT.
  4. DMT have not maximum option to compare this online platform.
  5. DMT use retailer/agent for the people who don’t know how to pay online but online payment use by all users who have smart phone.
  6. DMT money transfer done by professional person but online money transfer app use any one who know to use of smart phone.