Benefits and Advantages of Registering AEPS Service at Payveda India?

Benefits and Advantages of Registering AEPS Service at Payveda India?

Become a Payveda AEPS retailer and generate lots of commission per day. There are lots of person register day by day on our platform. Don't worry too much to think about AEPS agent registration is free or not because there are more advantages to Aadhar enabled payment systems than make your life perfect. Once your AEPS registration is complete, you can take advantage of the advantages indicated for AEPS service provider companies below:

Payveda AEPS service software is very simple and easy to use.

We gives you instant service activation

In our platform instant Pay-Out facility are available in AEPS service.

There is minimum change to face a failure transection.

High rate of commission, great chance to earn high income.

Very fast and secure transection done by payveda AEPS software.

What is an m-ATM?

A million Business Correspondents (BC) are expected to use micro ATMs to provide basic banking services. Micro ATMs (m-ATMs) are small, portable machines that allow users to withdraw money from their bank accounts. Similar to a bank ATM. m-ATM services are used for balance inquiries and cash withdrawals.

The micro platform will enable operation, by connecting low-cost machines (micro ATMs) to banks across the nation.  This would allow someone to instantly deposit or withdraw money from any bank that is affiliated with a certain Business Correspondents account. Micro ATMs will support the following basic transaction types: deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, and balance inquiries.

Features of m-ATM:

  1. m-ATM provide fast and secure transaction.
  2. It is very easy to use
  3. Save maximum time.
  4. Work very fast according to going bank branch and ATM.
  5. Portable.